Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hidden Gems on the Battlefield

Like most of the country, Gettysburg has been experiencing (and enjoying, for the most part) some unseasonably warm weather over the past couple of months.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those in the central states, whose weather has taken a turn for the dangerous recently, and with those in the northern states whose produce crops are at risk due to early budding.  Adams County boasts a good many orchards, and we have all held our breath several nights over the last weeks, hoping for a breeze on nights that could dip below freezing.

Anyway, with all of this warm weather, the trees and grasses of the battlefield are lush and green, and the peach and apple trees are blossoming, and it's just a beautiful time to get out on the battlefield and enjoy some fresh air!  I haven't had the chance to head out with my camera lately, but I was enjoying a glance through some photos I took last year.  If things weren't so green around here, I might think of trying to pass last year's photos off on you, but it would never work!

I found a few, though, that I think would make for a fun bit of trivia.  I have lived here for 20 years and never knew that this particular little gem existed, until I found it last spring.  (Steph told me that it was only reopened within the past few years, so that makes me feel a bit better.)  So, can you guess where this is???

 Clue #1:
[photo: C.Todd]

 Okaaaaaay...Let's see...bronze? copper? a railing?  Need more to go on?

Clue #2:
[photo: C.Todd]
Massively confusing, eh?  It looks like a picture of someone's crazy basement...Still need another clue?

Clue #3:
[photo: C.Todd]  
Well, whatever it is, it certainly produces some intriguing photos!  I have a couple more clues...

Clue #4:
[photo: C.Todd] 
I don't want to make this too easy, so before I offer two photos that are dead giveaways, I wanted to give you one more difficult clue. Does anyone know where this statue of General Hancock is located on the battlefield?

Clue #5:
[photo: C.Todd]
Ok, I think that this might be close to giving it away...do you know what monument sports this enormous angel?

Clue #6:
[photo: C.Todd]
Ok!  The angel stands atop a huge white monument!  General Hancock was from Pennsylvania!  THAT'S RIGHT...

[photo:  www.gettysburg.travel]


I had no idea that the PA Monument had a "secret" stairwell inside!  You can actually climb up to the top of the monument, right below the rotunda!  Nifty!  I highly recommend this short climb to enjoy some breathtaking views of the battlefields!

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